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Our team of experts are here to help you tackle the complexities of Cell and Gene Therapy.

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Select Therapeutic Competencies

  • Primary cells and tissues
  • iPSCs, ESCs (incl. gene-modified)
  • HSCs, MSCs (incl. gene-modified)
  • T cells (aβ, γδ, Treg), TILs, NK cells, B cells, DCs (incl. gene-modified)
  • Viral gene delivery
    (LVVs, AdVs, AAVs, RVs)
  • Non-viral gene delivery
    (mRNA, exosomes, LNPs, etc.)
  • Gene editing
    (CRISPR/Cas, ZFN, TALEN, etc.)

We're Dark Horse Consulting

Accelerating cell and gene therapies through unmatched expertise.

Since our founding in 2014 we have remained focused on the field of cell and gene therapy (CGT). Over the years, the range and depth of the collective strategic and tactical knowledge of DHC’s hand-picked consulting team has grown rapidly. Today that knowledge spans a range of development, regulatory, and business strategy offerings. We apply best practices from across this and other industries to address the varied needs of our clients, who range from biopharmaceutical companies to tools & tech providers to venture capital and private equity investors.

All our services are á la carte, providing as much or as little support as each client requests so as to effectively complement the existing expertise and bandwidth of each in-house team. Our customized offerings extend across all manufacturing and process development functions, analytical development and quantitative modeling offerings, quality systems and global regulatory support, device development, nonclinical development, and project & program management, in addition to market research and financing & diligence.

Discover more about our range of service offerings, our unparalleled team of experts, our values, and why we have chosen to build a consulting practice that is Remote by Design. If you wish to review some examples of how we’ve helped clients to successfully tackle the unique challenges of this exciting young field, you may also wish to visit our selection of case studies, located at the bottom of our Core Comparabilites section. To request an initial consultation, simply click the "Request Consultation" button at the top of any page of our site to fill out a consult request form. We look forward to working with you.

Dark Horse is what it is because of traits we all share. Our values.

These values correspond to our full name: Dark Horse Consulting Group. If you’re a Dark Horse (past, present, or future), these likely encapsulate who you are as well as the culture in which you like to work.

the D stands for DETERMINED. We:

…have a sense of urgency.
.…are solutions-driven.
…are passionate about exceeding expectations.

the H stands for HUMBLE. We:

…are collaborative.
…are active listeners (we listen to hear, not just to respond)
…give credit where credit is due and thank others for their contributions.

the C stands for CONSCIENTIOUS. We:

…do the right thing.
…hold ourselves accountable.
…are reliable.

the G stands for GENUINE. We:

…are transparent.
…tell the truth.
…acknowledge what we don’t know.

It doesn't matter where you live.

Dark Horse is “Remote by Design” (RbD), meaning that our team members are distributed across the globe, on purpose. Being location-agnostic allows us to seek out top talent, but it also means that we have a range of cultural fluency. Critically, we’re also versed in variations across global regulatory bodies.

Check out our careers

Board of Directors

It has been a pleasure collaborating with Dark Horse Consulting. They provide deep expertise and the ability to clarify and focus federal regulators’ attention on critical issues. Such contributions are invaluable in moving complex biologicals smoothly along the path to approval.

Judi Weissinger, PH.D.

Formerly Assistant Director, Offices of Drug Evaluation I and II, CDER, FDA and formerly Assistant Director, Office of Drug Evaluation I, CDB

We used DHC over the years to provide different levels of consulting services for our cell therapy platform. Most recently we utilized DHC and the services of Don Fink to perform an additional and very detailed project. Don immediately understood the scope of work, quickly identified additional information required, and executed the scope on time, providing an excellent final report which exactly met our needs. The speed of completion and the attention to detail were impressive, and provided value added information for our internal team- both to create internal alignment and to prioritize activities moving forward.

Mike Zdanowski

CTO, Talaris Therapeutics

We brought in Dark Horse at a critical juncture in our company’s strategy. We could not have achieved our milestones without their dedication and deep domain knowledge.

Yuta Lee

Accelerated Biosciences

We initiated a relationship in 2019 with Dark Horse specifically to gain support in our regulatory affairs and quality management. With DHC’s deep expertise across many facets of cell and gene therapy and technology, we quickly realized that they can offer much more and have significantly expanded the areas in which we are working with them. They have quickly become an indispensable part of our team.

Jason Foster

Ori Biotech

Dark Horse Consulting has supplied invaluable support to the Stanford University Stroke Disease Team. They have coordinated functions as diverse as pilot and outsourced cGMP manufacturing, analytical development, quality systems and regulatory affairs. Further, their subject matter expertise has greatly enhanced the Neurosurgery Department’s interactions with the CIRM and the FDA.

Gary K. Steinberg, M.D., PH.D.

Bernard and Ronni Lacroute-William Randolph Hearst Professor of Neurosurgery and the Neurosciences Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery – Stanford University School of Medicine

In my opinion Dark Horse Consulting is anything but the ‘dark horse’ team to select when choosing a consultancy to accomplish what you need and more. Given their depth of experience, expertise and connections this is a team you’d predict to win – a team you want adding value to your efforts. Retaining this firm is not for the faint of heart or weak of expectations. This is a team which will pull no punches, recognize no limitations, raise the bar higher than anyone internally has dared, compete harder, and accomplish more. Dark Horse Consulting’s founder, Anthony Davies, is a renaissance man of biologics development who has set the tone for his firm as one which will act with respectful honesty (even when it’s not the news a client wants to hear), transparent integrity, and rigorous compliance with the highest standards and yet perform comfortably with the tough trade-offs and practical parameters often facing biotech companies. My only hesitancy in hiring Dark Horse Consulting would be if I wasn’t prepared to fully commit to getting things done and done the right way.

Lee Buckler

President & CEO, Director at RepliCel Life Sciences Inc.

DHC really hit it out of the park. And in record time. This has been an invaluable exchange in my eyes

José Vidal

Atara Bio

For over 2 years, DHC has supported us across a variety of service areas and continues to do so as we progress through our next stages of commercial readiness. We implicitly trust in the technical knowledge of our Dark Horse contact(s), as well as in the consultant’s abilities to efficiently and effectively support our movement forward.

Sanjin Zvonić

This testimonial dates from Sanjin's experience at WindMIL. He is currently Sr. VP of BD at DHC.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Dark Horse on a significant cell therapeutic diligence project. The Dark Horse team delivered a high quality product with rapid turnaround. I was impressed with the Dark Horse Team and their thorough contribution was an invaluable component of our investment thesis.

Mark McDade

Managing Partner, Qiming Venture Partners

We approached Dark Horse for recommendations regarding our fill & finish processes. DHC was informed on the industry standards, advised on the best fit for us and provided us with the expertise we needed, as well as offering additional strategic assistance. We greatly appreciate the work Dark Horse has done for us and would use them again were we in the same position.

Natalia Elizalde


Over the past 2.5 years, we’ve engaged Dark Horse for their expertise across the board, utilizing nearly their entire service portfolio. I consider their comprehensive knowledge and dedication to meeting the needs of our program(s) to be an integral part of our continued success as a multiple-product clinical-stage.

Azadeh Golipour


Dark Horse Consulting has provided us with thorough CMC support since we initially engaged with them a year ago. They have been able to support and strengthen our pipeline by supplementing our existing processes with their preclinical service offerings. From starting materials to regulatory readiness, DHC has given us input that has been pivotal in our process development.


at client request

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