Welcome to DHC’s new expert webinar series:
Unbridled Excellence.

Join us for a deep dive into a series of topics specific to CGT.
Registration is currently open for the first three of this series:

Unbridled Excellence #1:

For the first webinar in our series, DHC Senior Consultant Uzma Shoukat-Mumtaz presented on the topic of Streamlining Manufacturing Partner Selection.

Watch/download the recording here.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) process is a prospective strategy for evaluating competitive quotes for services from different CDMOs. A controlled and robust RFP process enables Cell and Gene Therapy Developers to comprehensively compare capabilities and pricing across potential service providers. Although RFPs are a standard business practice, the delivery and evaluation process can be complicated and can lead to confusion if it is not managed properly. DHC has refined a step-by-step methodology to streamline the RFP process and ensure the most suitable CDMO is identified to support your project needs.

Unbridled Excellence #2:

DHC Practice Expert David Jasek presented on the topic of Inspection Readiness, Management, and Response: best practices and strategies for successful regulatory inspections.

Watch/download the recording here.

As part of the clinical development and commercialization of a new CGT/ATMP product, a regulatory inspection is required. Ensuring that inspections are handled appropriately is critical for smooth and timely operations, and an unsuccessful inspection can result in significant delays or additional costs. This webinar covers the best practices of how to prepare for an inspection, manage the inspection in real-time and formally respond to the inspection and final report.

Unbridled Excellence #3:

For the third episode of this webinar series, we'll get the chance to hear from not one but two DHC Senior Consultants, Joshua Beckett and Alicja Fiedorowicz MSc,, on the topic of Phase Appropriate Analytics to Support Cell and Gene Therapy Development.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023
9 am Pacific Time

Presenters will discuss several considerations for implementation of a phase-appropriate analytical strategy to support the development of cell and gene therapies. The concept of phase-appropriateness will be introduced, along with a discussion of how this concept may influence the strategy for release and characterization testing as a product proceeds through development. Presenters will also discuss phase-appropriateness in the context of assay qualification, validation, and potency assay strategy.

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