Davis and BioProcess Int'l: a reality check

May 24, 2020
CEO Anthony Davies welcomes us to the super-plenary at Phacilitate in Miami in Jan of 2020

Cell and Gene Therapies Get a Reality Check:
A Conversation with Anthony Davies of Dark Horse Consulting Group

As founder of cell and gene therapy (CGT) specialist firm Dark Horse Consulting Group in California, Anthony Davies speaks from a quarter century of experience including former positions at Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Syrrx, ZymeQuest, Serologicals, Geron Corporation, Capricor, and 4D Molecular Therapeutics — and he currently serves on the board of directors for TrakCel and the scientific advisory boards for Akron Biotech and BioLife Solutions. In his plenary address at the Phacilitate 2020 Leaders World conference (part of Advanced Therapies Week in Miami, FL), he reflected on difficulties the advanced-therapies sector has faced since its high of 2017, when three products achieved US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval: ...(read more over at BioProcess Int'l by clicking here)

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