Brent Morse and Amanda Mack on "Considerations for development of gene-edited PSC-based therapies"

November 14, 2023
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DHC Principals Brent Morse, M.S. and Amanda Mack, Ph.D. have published Considerations for development of gene-edited PSC-based therapies through Cell & Gene Therapy Insights 2023.

PSCs provide a replenishable starting material for the consistent, scalable production of cell therapies with a broad range of therapeutic applications. The recent emergence of robust gene editing technologies offers the potential to significantly extend the reach and utility of PSCs by increasing potency and consistency of drug products derived from them. Full realization of the potential of this new platform will require careful consideration and planning with respect to the intended target products, approaches to process design, and the development of fit-for-purpose analytical control strategies.
...the full article is available to BioInsights members via this link.

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