TUES, Jan 17th, 4-5:30 PM EST:
Watch for DHC CEO Anthony Davies as he chairs the Superplenary:
Opening Fireside Chats.

WED & THURS (Jan 18/19) from 10:30-11 am EST at our lounge:
DHC Espresso! Get free coffee along with your shot of regulatory advice with the team of DHC former-FDA regulatory experts, aka Kimberly Benton, Don Fink, Heath Coats, Kevin Whittlesey, and Tal Salz.

WED & THURS (Jan 18/19) b/t 12:30-1:30pm EST at our lounge:
Lunch & Learn with the DHC reg team, as named above! Wednesday's session will address early-stage regulatory strategy while Thursday's will focus on late-stage.

Ongoing demonstrations in our lounge:
Be among the first to catch a glimpse of Pegasi, DHC's brand-new proprietary data-modeling application. Our flexible predictive platform applies customized input assumptions to quantitatively describe a range of probable outcomes for a wide variety of client-specific queries. Pegasi functionality includes Monte Carlo algorithms, allowing a capture of inherent variability in outcomes to enable enhanced statistical sampling.

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