CGT Manufacturing “Hotel” Facility

The Ask

A U.S.-based company planning to develop and build a multi-tenant “hotel”-style facility for early-stage CGT manufacturing required strategic guidance. This included a review of the facility conceptual design with voice of customer interviews, facility demand modeling, and the development of market insights, all to inform the client’s planning and decision-making process.

The Impact

DHC’s facility design review provided a valuable set of recommendations that were used by the client’s architect to improve and refine operability, flexibility, and compliance of the facility. This included a careful focus on shared areas of the building and controls needed to segregate tenant operations and manage GMP flows of people and materials.

DHC’s work allowed the client to refine their planned hotel facility service offering with a focused set of facility user requirements, target customers, market positioning, and critical revenue/cost data.

DHC’S Approach

Engaging Dark Horse at an early stage of business case development provided the greatest opportunities to influence the strategic direction of a project. In this project, the client planned a new GMP facility providing leasable suite space to multiple tenants, with DHC providing recommendations for key issues such as:

  • Operating cost and pricing models
  • Facility design and suite layout to maximize flexibility to accommodate multiple CGT modalities
  • Regulatory considerations for multi-tenant occupancy of a “hotel”-style GMP operation
  • Facility demand forecasting and targeting of potential tenants including region-specific analysis
  • Benefits of a hotel facility over conventional build-or-buy manufacturing scenarios
  • Positioning of a hotel service offering and competitive landscape analysis

Within each suite, the DHC team defined the CGT modalities, scales, and equipment types that would be best suited to the proposed clean room layouts.

The DHC team also developed details of tenant services that should be provided by the facility landlord and recommendations for how to ensure flexibility for the diverse range of customers needing to be accommodated.

Revenue modeling and pricing benchmarks for tenant services were also provided to the client for use in building out their detailed financial models. Demand modeling was provided to forecast 10-year growth in the need for CGT manufacturing space, broken down by modality.

Finally, DHC made initial recommendations for positioning the client’s proposed “hotel” facility within the spectrum of currently available service offerings, illustrating the competitive landscape with case study examples.

Throughout this project, DHC ensured that a broad team of consultants provided their expertise to cover facility design, business strategy, regulatory compliance, and market analysis skill sets.

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